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Section 73.1590 of the Federal Communications Commission’s Rules and Regulations require that AM Broadcast stations conduct annual measurements of occupied bandwidth, the amplitude of harmonics, and any spurious signals. This is commonly known as a NRSC Proof. The time between annual proofs must not exceed 14 months. The specific measurements required for AM NRSC Proofs are spelled out in Section 73.44 of the FCC’s Rules. These requirements are also covered in the FCC’s Self-Inspection Checklist for AM, FM, and TV under the section dealing with Technical and Emissions.

The requirements for FM Broadcast are also covered in Section 73.1590. While FM broadcast does not require a yearly proof, the Rules do require occupied bandwidth measurements anytime a change is made that could affect the spectral purity and/or occupied bandwidth of the station’s signal. Specific measurements for FM are covered under Section 73.317 of the FCC’s Rules.

Burt I. Weiner Associates has been conducting these proofs for our clients since they became a requirement in 1994. Our Proof of Performance measurements are complete, fully documented, and meet all requirements of the Federal Communications Commission’s Rules and Regulations.

The equipment we typically use for AM proofs includes an Anritsu MS2721B spectrum analyzer, a Faraday shielded loop antenna, and a Potomac Instruments FIM-41 Field Intensity Meter. For FM proofs, the Anritsu MS2721B spectrum analyzer is used with appropriate filters to sample from the station’s transmission line for the collection of all necessary data.

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